Come on baby light my fire

Let’s face it. The weather today was decidedly autumnal.  Not in the rich, crisp, bright, ‘let’s go into the park and kick the beautiful leaves around’ kind of way, rather more in the ‘let’s eat a hearty stew, stay inside and watch a movie’ way.

So when you teach yoga on a Sunday morning like this, there’s only one thing to do. Build a FIRE! Ya-ha. Not a ‘stay indoors and throw another log on the hearth’ fire, but your own internal digestive fire, through lots of core work. Navasana variations and lots of utkatsana and ardva-utkatasana were on the menu today.

It’s not easy to go against our nature to pull the duvet up on days like this, so I was delighted when I saw some of my regular students had made it into class. Well done guys! I’m not sure they knew what to expect, but I doubt that the move which inspired Sarah to liken us to russian dancers in training was anticipated…. ! Ok, more of an explanation required. Basically you do a couple of ‘rock and rolls’, forward and back up and down the spine, and then when you’re a bit warmer you keep one knee bent, foot flexed, with the other leg straight. On the roll up, you come onto your flexed foot and push the straight leg out ahead of you.  I’ll make a little stick person pic of this and post it up shortly.

The core work and plenty of vinyasas between standing poses prepared us for some hip opening in lizard and pigeon, before we moved into some janu sirsasana and paschimotanasana forward folds towards the end of the class. Having blazed our way through 70 mins of yoga posing, we came to end the session in savasana with a bonfire visualisation.

Despite most of our body being composed of water, the digestive fire which keeps our metabolism going day after day can never be extinguished.  Ending class with the mental image of a soft burning bonfire – having consumed most of the logs given to it, still glowing softly against the night sky – symbolised the digestive heat inside our body, always ready to be kindled and blazed strong whenever we need inspiration, motivation – and even transformation.

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