Dedicated to the lovely L&L

I have the great honour of teaching two dear friends on Saturday afternoons.

After yoga-posing our way through an hour of various sequences together, we then relax with a cup of tea (and often some kind of middle-eastern sweet treat, yesterday was halva. Mm-mm)!

As I was reading Gabrielle Roth’s ‘Sweat Your Prayers’ tonight, some of her words struck me as really poignant, in relation to this Saturday ritual. The sweetest, most satisfying and nourishing emotions we all need to feel, come from connections with other people, people who form our community.  This community, like friendship, has a character all of its own which evolves as the relationships within it come, go, grow, deepen – dancing to a variety of beats through time.

Most of my life, what I have yearned for the most has been for deep and blissful connections with like minded people. At times, these connections have felt absent, often because I was too caught up in my head, disconnected from myself and working my way back to ‘me’ on quite a dense and lonely path, regardless of who was in my life at the time.

In contrast, these past 5 years in London have been the most settled and yes  -dare I say it – both peaceful and joyful ones of my life.  Not a smooth road by any means, yet through patient acceptance I’ve found my way back home, fixing the jigsaw puzzle of myself together.  The energy that motivated me to do this has undoubtedly come from the friendships and sense of community I’ve been blessed with over this time, and these lovely Saturday afternoon buddies have played an important part.

Patience and self acceptance in this journey are definitely the key words.  I didn’t actually realise that until writing this, but truly those are the qualities I’ve had to learn, in order to reap the benefits of a sense of balance and peace in my life.  Without the relationships I’ve built over this time, these feelings may have eluded me and I might not be here, where I am now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been able to cultivate and maintain wonderful friendships from all the stages in my life.  But never have I felt more present and connected to the moment than I do now, and that has come from endurance, and an ability to be resilient to the ebb and flow of my own emotional tide. Being able to share heartfelt connections with people who understand my journey has allowed me to grow roots and invest in an environment, a geographical location, a future, a direction. So I offer my sincere thanks to all of you, everyone in my present and past, for supporting every step of my life. We are all truly interconnected beings :)  x

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