The Duncan Wong experience – a feast of inversions!


A picture of the workshop tribe! Duncan’s there in the middle in white; I’m standing up against the pillar on the right.

Yesterday afternoon, I joined a jam-packed class of dedicated yogis to learn more about the power and mysteries of ‘arm balancing’ from a fine master of this art – the international sensei Duncan Wong.

Duncan Wong fuses his black belt martial-art training with vinyasa flow and thai yoga massage to create powerful and dynamic sequences that feel strong and exciting, yet suprisingly feasible and definitely fun!

This 3 hour workshop, taking place at the wonderful Indaba Yoga Studio in Marylebone, focused on harnessing core power and flexibility to mobilise the spine in various backbends and inversions – a lot of handstand variations.

Mr Wong has an incredibly strong and agile practice, and his energy was captivating. I felt more flexible literally just by being in the room with him! No joke – since ancient times it has been said that simply by being in the presence of an advanced master, a student can reap the benefits.  Like absorbing the energy of the sun’s rays, in a similar way you will receive the energy of your teacher, and find yourself able to do, feel or understand things that have previously been elusive.  On reflection I have experienced this before, in fact when we find ourselves understanding anything – be it in our body or our mind – it may be that we are not doing it on our own, but through the direct transmission of energy from the teacher, lecturer, or whoever they are.  But yesterday it definitely happened, as I found myself in (a rather raw version of) flying crow pose – eka pada galvasana…


I’m usually fine with side crow (where you balance on thigh) but the flight of crow / pigeon had always been out of reach.  And so is the lesson – there is the right time and place for everything, and sometimes it all depends on the energy in the room with you :)

So to get back to the handstand… it is still one of those elusive postures for me.  Like threading cotton through the small eye of a fine needle, it’s not always something you manage to achieve straight away, takes a LOT of practice.  Plus it’s one thing to get up, and quite another to stay up, and find balance without falling out. So I’ll keep practising and know that in time – as Pattabhi Jois said – ‘all is coming’…

So I send much thanks to Duncan and all at Indaba for making this brilliant event happen. Loved it and learned a lot – and made a new pal too! The lovely Kathrin who was my partner and fellow thai masseuse when we came towards the end. I could really use a full hour of massage but the small bit we did was ever-so good.

Peace and love and all things goooooood x

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