The importance of constants during transition

I’m in a period of very obvious transition, in my life right now. Obvious as in, have a conversation with me and you’ll find out that I’m not independent in terms of meeting my basic needs! I’m living with relatives and looking for a new ‘main’ job as I switch career paths from public sector housing and social care, into graphic design.

That’s right. I’ve moved from a stable government employer where I had a well paid job, to entering a tumultuous and extremely competitive creative industry. Sensible? No. But I tried sensible for 7 years, so it had a good innings. Time for my true nature to come forth! It’s important to shake things up if you know that your life isn’t in the right alignment, and I always knew that. Sensible delivered benefits but they were bought at the expense of ignoring a nagging sense of growing dis-ease. A bit like persistently trying to do a hip hop routine inside a salsa class, ‘things’ were distinctly out of step.

During times of change, when usual routines are disturbed, its easy to allow things to drift if we are not that motivated to keep them together in the first place. So to prevent that loss of balance, it’s important to develop an intense relationship with the things in life that you earnestly love, that keep you rooted and connected to your purpose. 

For me, one of those critical things is yoga. In the past year I’ve taken my yoga practice to many places, from my balcony in Brisbane’s West End to Bronte Beach in Sydney, and a couple of studios in between. But the most unifying factor of my 2014 practice – other than the practice itself – has been the solitude. Mostly I’ve been practising on my own. I’ve visited studios and been to some lovely classes, but not felt committed to any of them. Whilst this has been a wonderful experience, I have missed the community aspect and the growth that comes from going to a regular class. Must be honest, I’ve also put on a bit of weight! So since I’ve come back to the UK, I’ve felt the need for a yoga practice that has a touch of the military rigour about it. I think you know where I’m going with this ;) When I saw a 10 day intro offer at a local hot yoga studio for just £15, I was immediately sold. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with bikram yoga, but I knew that this kind of practice would benefit me right now.  

Read my next post to find out what I find useful and not so useful, about the bikram discipline.


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