Yoga classes

What to expect

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Practising on Bronte Beach, Sydney Australia


I aim to help participants gain greater harmony between the movement of their body and breath, by guiding a sequence of yoga movements that both challenge and then release tension in all the major muscles and joints. A constant pulse of effort and release, tension and letting go. Through this it is my intention that, with practice, this develops intuitive intelligence or understanding.

Sequences are chosen to suit the ability of participants, time of day, purpose of the class. I generally help the class build strength at the start, moving into greater stillness and a deeper breath connection towards the end.

Themes of each class will generally last for 3 to 6 weeks. For example season, anatomical focus, inspirational ideas from respected thinkers. Sometimes I include music, a little humour and something unexpected, sometimes I keep it basic. I always aim to keep my verbal cues to a minimum, giving space for an individual, personal experience.

Each class generally follows a basic pattern of:

  • connecting awareness to the breath
  • beginning to connect breath with movement, warming the muscles and joints
  • building more dynamic movement in sync with the breath, through standing and balancing postures, seated postures, twists, inversions.
  • ending with a 3-5 minute seated or supine meditation