There’s something rather satisfying about nailing a good ‘chaturanga’!

Chaturanga Dandasana is a key pose that is repeated many times in a vinyasa yoga sequence, so learning how to do it properly is important – not only to enjoy the practice but also so you keep your shoulders and spine in good health! Doing chaturanga wrong can lead to injury so you need to be careful.

Chaturanga is a half press up position, ‘sandwiched’ as a transition between the plank and the upward dog during the traditional sun salutation sequence. Instead of chaturanga, you can also opt for ‘knees, chest and chin’ (‘ashtangasana’).

I also quite like the snappy sound of “chat-orang-a-clare” and was struggling to choose from hundreds of ideas for a personal yoga identity. Indecision is my middle name…  (although I prefer to call myself a scanner…. but that’s another story for another time and place ;)

Look at this happy family – they know how to do chaturanga in style!

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