Here you will find links to my favourite teachers, subjects, ideas, quotes.

Thinkers and Teachers

♠ Ram Dass

Spiritual thinker, explorer, writer of books and creative force behind ‘Be Here Now’. Otherwise known as Richard Alpert, Harvard academic cast out by the establishment turned to India and its spiritual seekers and sadhus for a lifelong adventure. I highly recommend Ram Dass’ podcasts, if you’re curious about this guy.

Some of his quotes. They’re pretty out there for most folk. I like metaphors and abstract thinking, and am open to the idea that we may have a divine creator. So some of them work for me. I offer them out here in case they resonate for you too..

“Embrace the 10,000 beautiful visions, embrace the 10,000 hideous visions”

What I think: As in, all in life is an illusion, don’t be averse to any of it or treat it differently. Everything and everyone is your teacher. This kinda reminds me of the psychologist Beon’s quote, “No desire, no expectation”.

“When the cloud is there I serve Ram, when the cloud is lifted I am Ram”

What I think: Actually, Hanuman said this but Ram Dass re quoted ;) This is a bit like the love principle. You may give and receive love, but if you observe that you are the source of love, then the apparent duality of giving and receiving becomes less important.  So when you’re really “in the world” and having a tough time, you can remember to serve Ram (i.e., god, whatever ‘god’ means to you). The more you serve, offer up, the more you become like the essence you are serving and aspiring towards, and at some point you arrive at that object, dissolving into it and realising your true nature (a constant practice!)


Secrets of Your Cells, Sondra Barrett

Written by a microbiologist, teaching both scientific principles of the cells and eastern healing practices. Creates a bridge between the western and eastern medicine approaches. Surprisingly easy and very compelling reading.

Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda

Fascinating and mind blowing account of a yogi’s life. Yogananda founded the Self-Realisation Fellowship in California. Be prepared for some pretty radical accounts!

Shantaram, Gregory David Roberts

Popular contemporary autobiographical novel. An extraordinary and epic roller coaster ride around the lesser known side of Mumbai and its characters.

Transform Your Life: A Blissful Journey, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso