What they say

“You have been an inspiration and a magnificent teacher” Farshid Sadr-Hashemi

“My golf swing has improved since I started your yoga classes – it’s all that rooting down through the feet!” Pip Davis 

“Clare – your knowledge of yoga is fabulous! …. Clare – you are a gifted teacher …. Almost home, 3 min. to go. Normally I find traveling so stressful and this time I took it all with a smile and peace. Woke up at 5:30 just before my alarm and felt happy. Thank you so much. It’s all your ‘fault’ haha” 2015 retreat participants

“Clare’s kind and sensitive approach to teaching this wonderful subject means that ANYONE can have the confidence to try it without feeling too old, too unfit or too inexperienced. Clare makes you feel totally okay at whatever level you are at. She’s awesome!” Kate Sroka

“Clare’s teaching has converted me to yoga!  Her warm presence, her serenity, her attention and her knowledge create a yoga class from which I always come away feeling lighter and refreshed and relaxed in body, mind, soul and spirit.  Thank you, Clare! ” Lorraine Hill

“I’ve really enjoyed classes with Chaturanga Clare. I have learnt about the basics of yoga and have enjoyed the sessions. They have combined meditation and vinyasa yoga sequences. I feel I am improving and coming out of class re-invigorated and relaxed in my mind.” Cassie Hodges

“I did the special course of 3 yoga classes, and the immediate physical benefits are obvious. Clare has great knowledge of the practice and gave new perspective to body position and poses to improve the experience. I totally recommend Clare as she provides a beautiful setting to those who are wanting to relax, exercise and settle their minds. Thank you for this wonderful experience.” Veronica Fiore


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